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I am competing for the happiest man in the world, if not the world…at least Forest Hills. Married, no kids, uncle too many, friend of thousands (says Facebook)…enemy to none. I’m a proud owner of a preowned Volkswagon Jetta (by my brother), prefer a scooter but drivers in New York are crazy… A meat eating tree hugger who recycles, tries to save the planet, donates, participates and cares…

I am no philanthropist no super hero no saint but what I do know is that there is No Degree of Separation between me and the person(s) I seek to help, if I want to help someone I will, I try and I do. My success does not lie on how much money i make but simply on how often i help somebody out in arms length of me (metaphorically)… from setting up Ghandi day at PACE to raising sports awareness and helping 20 + kids run a race, the delhi marathon, you should have seen the glow on each ones face, most recently I helped a friend who needed a kidney transplant, all I could do was raise 800 dollars, it was nice of my friends who gave a hollar!

I can donate to a cause, I can donate to an NGO, but the little donation I have with my daily expenses, the limited time I can find in my day to day routine, my efforts, my desire to help gets diluted thru stress, corporations taking my donation, people throwing buckets of water on themselves when half the world is dying of thirst

You have the ability to remove the separation that mankind has created in this wonderful world of ours… You can help by directly touching someones life, you can jog on the streets of New Delhi and ask a poor kid if he and 20 of his friends want to run the Delhi Marathon… and have your friends pay for it…..there is no degree of separation…. there is you and who you want to help!


If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs


Dhirubhai Ambani

how to save money on glasses?

For years I have looked for discounts on glasses, especially the last severals years I bought them from India, I would get pairs as cheap as 30-40 bucks and purchase 2-3 of them at a time...  I just finally broke my last pair. Im always looking for a deal and...

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